TOP SERI was established in 2002 by Massimo Caramel and Nicola Vanzetto that wanted to set up a screen print company. The first processes of customization were intended for the electrical appliance industry, and then over the years we extended to several other fields and materials: glass, plastic, automotive, textile, advertisement, packaging and toys.

The screen printing is realized using 12 automatic machineries and well-advanced inks range, over every kind of material: every kind of plastic, metal, glass (tempered or not) and also capacitive for house automation. Step by step we increased the requests quantity but also clients started asking us for more and more complicated personalizations and custom-tailored works (circular or with important faceting) and it led TOP SERI to invest even in pad printing equipment: starting from the first monochrome machinery (now we got 6), at the present moment we have 8 automatic machineries, 6 and 8 colors.
During the last years TOP SERI also developed a specific department for robotic varnishing and, by introducing the laser engraving, Top Seri is now able to satisfy different and refined client’s needs. The begging loyal customers encouraged us in developing a further internal Assembly department: now we are well structured to deliver just in time the finished products ready for use.
Since the global market has changed, so also TOP SERI changed: immediacy and flexibility, no more know-how but do-how, and an internal Graphic deparment, to be ready to start with our own printing plant.

In December 2017 TOP SERI obtained the ISO 9001:2015 Certification for screen printing, pad printing and digital printing according to customer specifications for the industrial and automotive sectors.

Nowadays TOP SERI is a leader company and structured for a complete service even in the communication and graphic field, adding to the other strengthened services even professional advice, graphic study and digital printing, both roll-to-roll and flat-bed, an innovative technique suitable of a wide range of applications.
TOP SERI has a 38 members staff that put together young and well-motivated people that live the present in spite of the present time complexity, looking forward to the future with optimism and sharing new ideas and energy.